Welcome to Batalden Havbu !                      
                        You find us on the island Store Batalden in the skerries west of Florø.
     Here you can experience the atmosphere of old times combined
     with modern comfort.                                                                       
     * Visit the Museum presenting local fishery history.              
     * Enjoy the idylls in exciting landscape among islands and skerries.                               
     * Experience the marvellous view from the top of Store Batalden,                                          
        495 m. above s.l.                                                                               
     * Feel the peace and calmness on an island without roads and cars.                                    
Gunhild Bjelland 
-your contact-
Batalden Havbu is not equipped for fishing tourism.

Batalden Havbu has got several distinctions for taking care of the buildings and saving
them for the future, among others "Olavsrosa" from NorwegiaHeritage. Today here are
no tradisjonal activities like fisheries or farming. You can enjoy a day or a weekend, or
a longer stay here as a selfcatering guest. The expressboat from Florø takes 30-40 min. 

Batalden Havbu
Contact person: Gunhild Bjelland
Address: N-6917  Batalden
Phone: +47 57 74 54 22
Mobile: +47
Website: www.bataldenhavbu.no
E-mail: bataldh@online.no

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