BUILDINGS AND EQUIPMENT                                 (Updated 10.09.2012)

 Litlebua                                       Midtbua                              Havbua
Midtbua has a serviceroom for common use. There you will find extra equipment like el. cooker,                          

fridge, freezer, washing machine etc. Upstairs there is a little museum for presentation of local 

fishery history. The local joiner Ragnar Kristiansen presents models of old boats in the museum.

The main house, Hovudhuset, is for the landlord.  

Batalden Havbu has not prepared for fishing as a main activity, rather for those who want to 

combine a tour between the skerries with fishing for a social "Gourmet meal". The tourist fishermen

can contact Fanøyvåg rorbu.
The Old House    
WHAT DO YOU GET HERE? The houses have the necesseties for enjoying the stay. You will have ready
 made beds and towels. Take a look at the different buildings in the menu.
 Cleaning is included. 

OUT ON THE SEA? Batalden Havbu is not equipped for fishing tourism. But rowboats are at your disposal,
 and you can hire a motor (5- 10 Hp). Crabnets and are free to use.

 GROCERIES ?  We recommend you to buy your groceries etc. in "Batalden Landhandel", the local shop on 
 the nabouring island Fanøy,
 tlf 47 57 74 25 55/fax,  narbutikken.batalden@net/              
 You can go there by boat or by appointment have your groceries delivered on the quay.

Batalden Havbu
Contact person: Gunhild Bjelland
Address: N-6917  Batalden
Phone: +47 57 74 54 22
Mobile: +47

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