Gamlehuset from 1840 is a nice representative for traditionell houses on the western coast after several
periods of modernization. Now it is restored and put back to its origin shape outside and inside, except for some
modern bathrooms and the kitchen.  

Several layers of wallpaper etc. are removed, and the origin wooden floors and timber walls have 

come forth. It has been a long process to find furniture that suits the atmosphere of the house and

satisfy the needs of people of today.
There is a conference room and art gallery in the house. For guests there are 1 sittingroom, 

2 bedrooms and 2 combined sittingrooms/bedrooms. There are 3 bathrooms with showers and a 

well equipped kitchen. The house is suitable for 2 small families or 8 adults. The picture above 

shows Tarjei 7 år on the doorsteps. He was on holiday with his parents and his accordion some 

years ago.

Gamlehuset , the house of art and culture. Galleri Havbu is in the cellar and there is original art in all the
                                                                              rooms. The musicien may enjoy himself playing the piano.

Look at the Norwegian version for pictures                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



Batalden Havbu
Contact person: Gunhild Bjelland
Address: N-6917  Batalden
Phone: +47 57 74 54 22
Mobile: +47

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