Prices - lodge -arr. - motor etc.

All the guests have ready made beds and towels and what is mentioned under
"Holiday and weekend". You have to make your own meals. Pets are not allowed

Gamlehuset - Half the house with living room, bedroom, bath and kitchen.
One day: 2 pers. N.kr. 1000. Week N.kr kr.4.800. Weekend kr. 1.900.
Addition for more persons and bedroom upstairs. Reduced price for single person.
The whole house (Except atelier and gallery).The price depends on number of pers.
N.kr.3.000 - 3.800. Week N.kr. 8400 - 12.000. Weekend
N.kr.3.800 - 6.200.
Havbua. Groups only. The price depends on number of persons. 
One day N.kr.3.200 - 3.800. Week N.kr. 8.400 - 12.000. Weekend N.kr.3.900 -6.800.

Litlebua for 2 persons.
One day:N.kr.1000. Week N.kr.4.800. Weekend N.kr.1.900. Reduced price for single pers.

Generelly:Price pr. day is reduced for longer stays. Families with small children

get price by appointment. 
BOAT: Rowboat is included. 3 boats are suitable for rowing. Children can use a jolly boat.

MOTOR pr.day: 5 Hk kr.240,-, 10 Hk. kr.300,-. Petrol kr. 25,-pr.ltr.
PETROL: As for petrol we have a very limited stock . We recommend you to arrange for

enough petrol in Florø before arrival.

Batalden Havbu offers only selfcatering and no longer ordinary meals for the guests.
You may hire Gamlehuset with all necesseties for arranging a nice party with a
ready laid table and arrange with food and serving yourself. Price 1600 - 3400.
If you don`t want to make the meal yourself, I recommend you to have it delivered catering
from Florø. Take a look at www.tokokker.as

Meetings etc.: Prices by appointment.

Batalden Havbu
Contact person: Gunhild Bjelland
Address: N-6917  Batalden
Phone: +47 57 74 54 22
Mobile: +47
Website: www.bataldenhavbu.no
E-mail: bataldh@online.no

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